Toddler Program


18 Months to 3 Years

As older infants grow into avid, independent explorers, we provide the mental and physical stimuli that will help your child develop, while ensuring that their exploration occurs in healthy and safe surroundings.

Your child will participate in well-supervised, small-group activities that encourage his or her natural curiosity and insatiable interest for trying new things. A curriculum based on learning through play is taught daily. You child will learn basic colors, counting, American Sign Language, plus much more, all while having fun!

How We Care

Diapers are available for toddlers (at an additional cost). However, as they progress in age, positive support for accomplishing self-help skills prepares toddlers for our preschool program.

Independence at this age is something that each toddler strives for.  We will provide them with the opportunity to grow and explore at their own pace, while encouraging independence and learned self-help skills.  Care-a-lot also provides enough materials (multiple sets of toys) for our toddlers so that they are able to explore their surroundings without any issues, since at this age sharing is not always required or necessary.

Example Activities Toddlers Do at Care-a-lot Childcare infographic