Family Newsletter

October 2018

October is packed with special events for National Fire Safety Month, National School Bus Safety Week, International Dinosaur Month and Halloween. What does this mean for your child? LOTS of fun and learning with trucks, buses, dinosaurs, and costumes!

The children will be treated to a visit from the Rochester City Fire Department. These important community helpers will bring a BIG truck to the Center to show off what they do to keep us safe and share some basic safety tips.

Next week, for National School Bus Safety, Mike will bring over the Browncroft buses over to give the children an opportunity to climb aboard, turn on the lights and learn about bus rules and safety.

On October 31, it's our annual Halloween parade and trick or treat. Please be sure to send a costume to the Browncroft for your little one. We'll parade and trick and treat throughout the building.

Finally, International Dinosaur Month will be found in classrooms as we learn colors and numbers and lots of dino-mite (couldn't help the pun!) projects with dinosaurs. As always, please check out your child's classroom walls for their latest projects and fun.

We remind all our families, to please use extreme caution. No cars should be exiting the Center onto Atlantic Avenue. Atlantic Avenue entrance is one way into the Center. All cars should be exiting onto DeMaille Street. We appreciate your help! We also ask that you don't leave cars running in the parking lot. It is for the safety of all the children. Thank you!

Thank you to all the families that have "Liked" our Facebook page: Browncroft Day Care Center.
We love to see families visit the page and see in nearly "real time" what kind of fun we're having at the Browncroft. We use this page to share some photos, news and events. This page complements what you find in classrooms, parent info boards, and our website.


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