Family Newsletter

 April 2019

April has played a cruel joke on all of us with this burst of winter weather. This blast of cold may keep us inside, but we’ll keep our Browncroft kiddos warm with great special activities this month!


April 8-12: National Library Week

All of next week, we’ll cuddle up with a good book in recognition of National Library Week. We encourage you to send your child with their favorite book for story time throughout the week. We’ll share our love our reading and books with friends across the Center.


April 18: Browncroft Egg Hunt!

Weather permitting, we'll have an outdoor hunt!

April 23: World Circus Day

It is a real holiday and Browncroft will celebrate under the Big Top! We’ll turn the gym into a circus made just for us. We’ll have children walking the tightrope, taking turns running through the ring of fire, and of course, everyone will try to tame the lion!


April 25: National Astronomy Day

We’ll turn our eyes to the sky and learn about planets, stars and the universe. Be sure to look for classroom projects on the walls.

As a reminder, all of these events are posted on the parent info boards on the upper and lower levels of the main building, on the website at and on classroom calendars.

We remind all our families, to please use extreme caution. No cars should be exiting the Center onto Atlantic Avenue. Atlantic Avenue entrance is one way into the Center. All cars should be exiting onto DeMaille Street. We appreciate your help! We also ask that you don't leave cars running in the parking lot. It is for the safety of all the children. Thank you!

Thank you to all the families that have "Liked" our Facebook page: Browncroft Day Care Center.
We love to see families visit the page and see in nearly "real time" what kind of fun we're having at the Browncroft. We use this page to share some photos, news and events. This page complements what you find in classrooms, parent info boards, and our website.

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