For Parents

• The Center supplies lunches and snacks for the children so we ask that parents please do not bring food in from outside of the center. Morning snack is provided between 8:00 am - 8:45 am.

• If your child is seen by a doctor for any reason, please bring in a doctor's note clearing them to be here.

* If you have a change of home address, employer, or new phone numbers please be sure to notify the main office.


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Browncroft Summer Day Camp: June 25-August 31

Join us for the entire 10 weeks of summer or a few weeks at a time. Every day is a field trip and new adventure. We have our own buses to take children to area parks and beaches for hiking trips and fishing days.

Summer stops include Letchworth State Park, Powder Mills Park, Ellison Park, and Mendon Ponds Park--to name just a few! Weekly special trips include Chuck E Cheese, Sea Breeze day, and the Ontario County Fair.

As it has always been, all admission fees are included in weekly rates.

No added charges ever.

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